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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 7, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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tatsunishi brought columbus out of the cold. >> i am so happy to have my work in new york city. >> reporter: some people are not happy an italian icon is hidden away in a living room. >> if they wanted to exalt the admiral of the ocean, they wouldn't have encased it in this boxy frame. >> reporter: so i walked up more steps at the consulate to discuss what was done by a japanese artist in manhattan. >> arts is a language supposed to unify people and different cultures. >> now i ordered chinese takeout, will the delivery man come up here to the living room so i can watch tv here along with chris? >> reporter: you can explore this exhibit until november 18th. then the ancient mariner freed from new york pigeons gets major cleaning and repairs.
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>> that's pretty fascinating. that will change the view of columbus circle, at least for another month. >> you're like, i'm not sure about blocking the view, it is beautiful. >> you know, the story-telling was great, but the concept is interesting and different. >> thank you. >> take it away, don. >> enjoy your weekend. appreciate it. >> you too. there we go. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. you're in the cnn newsroom. we'll get you up to speed with today's top stories and just 24 hours from now the meningitis outbreak has grown by a third. 91 cases of meningitis have grown, 27 new cases since yesterday. half of the new cases are in michigan. the fungal meningitis is linked to steroid injections often used to ease back and neck pain. the company that distributed the tainted steroid issued a voluntary recall for all its products. alabama authorities are investigating the shooting death of a university of south alabama
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freshman by a campus police officer. officers say 18-year-old gilbert cooler was naked outside the police station early yesterday. >> this is definitely unusual and it is a very weird situation for sure. >> well, the officer who shot the freshman says cooler verbally challenged him and rushed him repeatedly before he fired a shot hitting cooler in the chest. tonight's space-x launch will officially turn space travel into a business. first privately contracted resupply mission to the international space station will launch from cape canaveral, florida. it successfully demonstrated to do the job back in may when it docked a capsule with the space station. we'll go live to florida later on this hour. at least 100 people were killed across syria today as the country's 19-month-old civil war takes place. at least 19 people were killed
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in one town as the area was cleaned of terrorists. rebel fighters believe they have taken over several outposts near the country's border with turkey. they exchanged artillery fire for the fifth day in a row. it's presidential election day in event somedvenezuela. this is the strongest rule to go against hugo chavez. we'll have more on this in a couple minutes. ♪ republican voters head for port st. lucy, florida, turning out in big numbers for their candidate, mitt romney. its his second time up and down the critical state. today he pointed to one of the key differences between his and president obama's plans. >> if he is re-elected he will
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install obama care. and with it your premiums are going up an extra $2,500 above what they already are in your current plan. that's according to the congressional budget office. my plan is i will finally get control of the excessive costs in health care by repealing and replacing obama care with real reforms. >> all right. president obama is spending the entire day in los angeles right now for a private fund-raiser set for later. we are told former president bill clinton will be there. then later a bill concert at the nokia theater. live to los angeles now and the white house correspondent, dan lothian. the nokia theater live in los angeles, what's going on here, entertainment or politics? they are colliding here. two different strategies, romney with arousing crowds in florida and the president taking yesterday off and today keeping it relatively low key 30 days until the big day. what's the agenda in l.a.
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tonight? let me guess, money? >> reporter: that's right. he took a -- you pointed out yesterday he was celebrating his wedding anniversary because he was actually out of town in denver on the actual anniversary. so they celebrated that over the weekend. then coming here the president has come to california as kind of his atm. he does a lot of fund-raisers here from the hollywood set and others and has been able to pull in a lot of cash. that's primary focus of the president's trip. as you pointed out he's having the big concert with big names, earth, wind and fire, katy perry and george clooney is expected to deliver remarks as well. in addition to that, the president will also be meeting with what the campaign is calling some high-dollar donors. these are people who have been consistently raising big amounts of money for the president. about a dozen of them, the president will be meeting privately with them. then later tonight we'll also be having a fund-raising dinner with, again, high rollers, high donors, if you will.
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people who are putting up $40,000 each for the dinner. so the president expected to pull in about $9.5 million, not only in fund-raisers here in los angeles but also tomorrow up in northern california. >> $40,000 dinner, dinner is expensive out in hollywood. >> reporter: that's right. >> fund-raising, the president, president obama crushed it in september raising a record of $181 million. does he really still need to push donors? >> reporter: they believe that they do. in fact, you probably get the e-mails sent out. we get them every day from the campaign pointing out that mitt romney, especially on the heels of mitt romney's strong performance during that debate, he's already looking at victory and they are sort of teasing their supporters saying, look, he thinks he's going to win this thing so donate now. they are pushing really hard. why are they doing this? because they need money in the key battleground states. the race is very close nationwide, but specifically in
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these battleground states like ohio, virginia, also in florida, those are states where a lot of money is being poured in for the ground operation and the wall-to-wall tv ads you see. they are pulling in a lot of money but a lot of money is going out the door. >> dan lothian, of course, on thursday we'll be watching the vice presidential debate as well. appreciate it, dan. people are picking a president today in venezuela. there's the man trying to hold on to the job. president hugo chavez. he voted today in caracas. since chavez was first elected 13 years ago, today's contest was the strongest challenge to his role. latin america is certainly paying close attention to this important election. rafael, tell us about the man challenging hugo chavez and what's at stake for venezuela today? >> what's at stake is they want
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to keep being a socialist economy and regionally if you speak about that, it's about how venezuela is portrayed in the world as a socialist model driving away many american companies by nationalizing a lot of the companies that used to be there, including many american companies. on today for the first time in 13 years, hugo chavez is facing a real challenger by the name f of -- he's only 40 years old, he has never lost an election. he's incredible what he campaigns and has visited more than 300 towns around the country. and he has been on this nonstop campaigning for the last several months. he attracts a lot of people, but again, chavez has been in power for 13 years as the incumbent with tight control over government and over all these people. >> that was him voting. let's show the people voting here in the united states. many voters travel to new orleans from miami, this must be
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really crucial for people to be traveling to new orleans from miami. >> this is set to be a close election, don. what happens is that there are as many as 100,000 venezuelans abroad. 70,000 of them here in the united states. if the election is close enough, they could decide the election. that's why you see voting there. most of them live in miami, but since the consulate was closed in miami, they were forced to drive or fly a thousand miles away to new orleans. but they did and that shows you how committed they are. >> a lot of them convoys, too. listen, when we say what's at stake, obviously these people have strong feelings about the selection, what does happen if it does not go hugo chavez's way? >> he was asked what would happen if he doesn't win, he said we have the potential for civil war because he says his followers are so committed, are so energized that they would not
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take anything other than a chavez victory. we don't know if this is extremist rhetoric or the truth, but the reality is that's what he said and he has the armed forces who are fiercely loyal to him. so there's no way and there's a history of violence in venezuela. an attempt at a coup in 1992. there could be another one here. still ahead, israel may have discovered the owner of the drone it shot down. which country got caught spying? and syria children go to school, but with bulletin bombs flying in their home country they are now far from home. ere. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideain modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement.
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and the next great idea could be yours. ♪
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some very disturbing video from the front line of the syrian civil war. some children, particularly, may want to look away. what you see running there is a young syrian boy who was hit by sniper fire. you can see him right there. well, cnn can't independently confirm the video's authenticity. [ speaking foreign language ] >> this video is said to show a government aircraft going down in a damascus suburb. well, you can hear people shouting in arabic "god is the greatest" and there you see smoke billowing down from that
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downed jet, building up from that downed jet. across syria optimists say 36 people are dead near a damascus suburb. it's an area they, "cleansed from terrorists." one involved the same turkish down with five civilians were hit last week. as the fighting continues, the united nations said syrians had fled the country, almost a third had fled. jordan and the u.n. are working to get children back in school but there are challenges. take a listen. >> there are two problems here in jordan. one is that i was just at the zatari camp near the border where there are about 30,000 refugees and where you started from scratch with unhcr and others just a couple months ago
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and we are building schools and finding teachers, both jordanian and syrian to teach the kids, but the problem is winter is coming and it is all tents right now. so urgently we are working to bring in prefabricated buildings and others. but about two-thirds of the refugees from syria have scattered in jordan and are living in communities where we are working to bring them into schools because with typical arab hospitality, the jordanians are welcoming them into the public school system. so there's a lot of work there. the main problem, of course, is all the schools in syria. we are seeing a tenth of them damaged. there are a lot of kids out of school and we are very actively trying to get them into school as the school year is just beginning. >> israeli military experts are working around the clock examining the remains of a mysterious drone shot down on saturday. the israeli military released
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this video. take a look. it now believes the drone did not take off from gaza but may have originated in lebanon. israeli security experts are pointing the finger at a long-standing rivalry with hezbollah. going as far to suggest iran provided them the drones. iran which supports hezbollah has no comment. a massive march protesting u.s. drone strikes in pakistan came to an abrupt halt today. a convoy 100 vehicles deep got to the tribal region when they were stopped. officials said the road block was put in place for security reasons. they sought to call attention to the end of the u.s. drone strikes in the region. the men hoping to become next in line to the presidency take their turn debating. how the good news about the
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big bird, how did you find out your name was mentioned in the debate? >> oh, i got a million tweets. >> so you're on twit her? >> no, i'm a bird. twitter is how we talk. >> that was pretty funny, i'm a bird. big bird himself on "saturday night live's" weekend update. is big bird a male or female, do we snow in i don't know, it's a bird. he was responding to mitt romney's mention during the presidential debate to cut funding to big bird's network, pbs, of course. it's been four days since the election season's first presidential debate. four days of analysts breaking it down. practically word for word, and after all that talk consensus remains at, let's be honest, it was a night president obama
3:21 pm
wishes he could have back but there are no do-overs and there's a vice presidential debate to look forward to now. so let's talk. zeke granderson is here, a contributor and writer for espn, and anna is here in honor of big bird wearing big bird's colors, she's a republican strategist, of course, she's much prettier. not that you're not pretty, big bird, but okay. all right. there's big bird. there's anna. we are not making fun of you, yes, we are. i love you, anna. elze, let's be honest, president obama was off on wednesday. mitt romney had a particularly good night. did he have had v a good night or was the president off? i think mitt romney had a great night and the president was off. what happened? >> i think both. i think mitt came prepared. mitt was on fire. all he had to do and think about
3:22 pm
was this debate. and the president was flat. i don't know what else was on his mind, it could have been his anniversary, what is going on in syria and turkey, because he is busy running a country while running for re-election. i don't know what the problem was, but you're right, he stunk it up. i'm sure at this point he knows he stunk it up. i think it was a five-point swing since the debate. so now he went from being up 20 heading into the fourth, now he's in overtime and has to pull it together. he was going into it way ahead. >> you know we are nonpartisan and not about talking points, why does every single liberal say no one called out mitt romney's lies? i get responses here, why don't you guys call out mitt romney's lies? the middle of the debate, it is not up to the media nor the moderator to call out lies. it is up to the president to do that. so they should be asking president obama why he didn't do that if he felt mitt romney was
3:23 pm
lying. >> well, i think there were moments where he challenged mitt romney what he was saying, but i disagree and think the moderator's job is that the things said on stage is congruent with things said in the past. instead of calling the person a liar, you need to have the background to say, this is what you said on this day. >> if he has to say this about what somebody said, it's up to the president to defend himself. >> absolutely. i'm not trying to say to the president, that he shouldn't take responsibility for his awful performance, he should have, but i think some of the criticism to the moderator is also justified. >> go ahead, anna. >> look, don, what the liberals are doing is post-debate spinning. it's whining. and there's no whining in politics. there was one person who should have challenged what mitt romney was saying and his name is president barack obama and he didn't do it. so everybody else doing it afterwards just doesn't carry the same punch. and i absolutely agree with lz,
3:24 pm
it was a bit of both. there was a lot of both. president obama was way off and mitt romney was very much on his game. you know, i don't remember many debates where it's hard to think of a memorable gaffe or a memorable knockout blow, and yet there was a very visible mark of undebatable victor of this debate, which was mitt romney. he did it just because for 90 sustained minutes it was like he was debating a limp piece of spaghetti. >> it was like the chair from clint eastwood. but i want to go a little longer with this segment to talk more with these guys. this is some honest talk. let's talk about the job numbers, they couldn't have come at a better time with the president considering his performance the other night, how big of a help is this below 8% jobless rate, do you think? i'm going to start with anna to see what the republicans think about that. how big of a help? because mitt romney can no longer go, well, the unemployment rate is above 8%.
3:25 pm
>> absolutely it was a help. and it was a solid vote for president obama on friday, the day just after this disastrous debate. let me tell you, don, i'm a republican, but when it comes to unemployment numbers, i'm an american first. i root for the home team. i'm not on the red team or the blue team. i want our economy to strengthen. i want us to recover as a country. and i think the smartest thing any political person can do, any pundit can do is celebrate america doing better. >> i think you're absolutely right. so why are many republicans saying the numbers were cut, when there's no interaction when the white house and the office that decides these numbers, that is spinning and whining as well. >> because we are 30 days from an election. and everything is political. what they need is political, what they wear is political, what they say is political, but at the end of the day after november 6 we are all in this
3:26 pm
together. >> i think they are wiping -- >> can i give you one point? >> go ahead. >> we have had 27 to 28 consecutive months now of job growth. this is not a one-off. the republicans have not been happy about job growth for two years. what we saw this past week was just a microcosm of what we have seen the past two years. >> listen, i'm being told you are going to get cut off because the satellite is going down in a minute. can we just show pictures from the debate last night between bill o'reilly and jon stewart? we watched it in the newsroom and said, this is great, why aren't the real debates like this? maybe it should be bill o'reilly or jon stewart moderating the debate instead of the people we have chosen? there should be more diversity in the people, maybe younger people doing it? and again, more diverse, more criticism about diverse moderators. this was great. the other debate was boring the other night.
3:27 pm
anna? >> well, don, i'm all with you with everything you just said except about the part of jon stewart and bill o'reilly being diverse. i'm not sure they fall into the diverse category. >> yes, we did see that, yes. >> they were entertaining because they are entertainers. >> i have to go. lz, real quick. >> i was just going to say a lot of the conversation was honest, which is something our politicians can't afford to be, sadly. >> all right. thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> thank you. vice president joe biden, congressman paul ryan get their turn to tap on the issues before the country this thursday night. our coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. one of pennsylvania's top officials arrested and accused of abusing his own child. plus, after a terrifying and deadly rampage, the youngest of the d.c. snipers is speaking out. ♪ get outta the car. ♪ are you ok?
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[ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so i introduced jill to crest pro-health for life. selected for people over 50. pro-health for life is a toothpaste that defes against tender, inflamed gums, sensitivity and weak enamel. conditions people over 50 experience. crest pro-health for life. so jill can keep living the good life. crest. life opens up when you do. a naked man acting errat erratically. that's what a policeman said he confronted before pulling out his gun. and the freshman refused commands to back down and continued to rush the officer in
3:31 pm
the early morning hours yesterday. campus officers shot collar killing him. >> i feel that the cop had more than a gun, and with that being said, he could have pulled out a taser or pepper spray, so why did he use a gun on this kid? he was probably drunk or something like that. it could have been handled in a better way. >> mobile county deputies have stepped in to assist in the investigation. the attorney general and his wife are accused of severely abusing two children they adopted from ethiopia. douglas and kristin barber were arrested after the kids had a doctor's visit. they noticed fractures on the 18-month-old girl's head and the 6-year-old boy appeared starved. they face several charges of child endanger. ten years ago this month a series of apparently random sniper attacks terrorized the washington, d.c. area. ten people were killed and three
3:32 pm
wounded. john el mohammad was executed in 2009. his accomplice who was 17 during the killing spree is serving multiple life sentences. in a recent interview malvo admits he was a monster. brian todd has the story now. >> reporter: he says he's a different person now, not the same young man who terrorized the entire washington region for nearly a month. >> i mean, i was a monster. if you look up the definition, i mean, that's what a monster is. i was a ghoul, i was a thief, i stole people's life. >> reporter: lee malvo convicted in the d.c. sniper case says he's truly sorry for what happened. his exclusive interview with "the washington post" comes on the tenth anniversary of the shooting spree that left people in the washington region dead over the course of three weeks. speaking from red onion state prison in virginia where he's serving a life sentence, malvo now 27 tells "the post's" josh
3:33 pm
white what it was like under the control of his older partner in the killings, john allen mohammed. >> he told me the old person has to die. lee malvo has to die. >> reporter: he gives jarring descriptions about how they randomly went about shooting their victims. it's the details in malvo's account so haunting, like his description of what happened here in the parking lot of this home depot when malvo was the spotter and john allen mohammad shot linda franklin who just happened to be in her car. malvo describes how he gave the signal to shoot. how mohammad on a hill nearby fired the kill shot and how the image of franklin's husband stands out for him. >> the first one is mr. franklin's eyes. and what makes that -- they're penetrating, but -- it's the worst sort of pain i've ever seen in my life. his eyes.
3:34 pm
it's the worst -- words do not possess the depth in which to fully convey that emotion. and what i felt when i saw it. >> reporter: retired fbi agent brad garrett who questioned malvo after his capture says he's not surprised that malvo is willing to pin much of the terror on mohammad when he wasn't before. the spell is zbon, the whole idea that mohammad was a good person has dissolved. so now what he's doing is stepping forward, taking responsibility, but he's clearly putting mohammad in the picture. >> reporter: mohammad was executed in 2009. josh white, "the post" reporter couldn't get new pictures of malvo. the prison allowed no cameras, writing utensils or anything else. can you tell what you say he looks like now? >> he looks similar to what he looked like before though about ten years older. he's kind of a slate guy. he's not particularly tall.
3:35 pm
he's not figuratively heavy. his hair was very closely cut. >> reporter: paul rufa, one of the first shot during the spree, says he forgives malvo. >> if i held the same hate today or that i felt in 2002 when he tried to kill me, i would have wasted or just damaged the last -- i would have let him damage the last ten years of my life. and he hasn't. >> reporter: one particularly chilling account from malvo in "the post" interview he said during the shooting spree he sometimes went to the news conferences held by law enforcement officials. malvo said he went to the events for, "intelligence collection." brian todd, cnn, washington. priceless works of art ruined. the word of a modern american master is defaced at a museum. c. but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you.
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listen to this. yet another priceless work of art defaced and this time it's the work of one of america's most important modern artists. cnn's international reporter is here. what happened? >> this all unfolded today at the london modern museum, the tape museum. thanks to the power of social media, and i witnessed who was there, witnesses said this man was sitting calmly in front of one of mark rothcoe's murals, part of a series, he was sitting through calmly and went up with a marker pen and started to deface it. and again, if he wasn't there tweeting about it, we probably wouldn't have heard about it as soon as we did and then it just blew up on the internet. the motive is unknown. no arrests have been made.
3:40 pm
and this is not the first time we have seen this. >> no pictures of it? >> there are pictureson we have it for our viewers to go to to see the picture there and in the corner you can see the vandalism done to the portrait itself. >> let's go to and put that up for our viewers here on television to see it? >> i think we'll have to have our viewers go to it afterwards. >> okay. we are talking about something that you can't see. that would be frustrating at home. sorry about that. but go to >> you can see it there. >> what's the painting of? >> he's a very high-priced artist. his last painting went for $87 million. and so now we don't know what it's going to be worth. >> reporter: 87 million? >> his last piece of wo, the orange, red and yellow painting. >> this is just one of several incidents that has happened recently. >> the most recent one, jacob
3:41 pm
zuma in johannesburg. where his genitals were showing and someone defaced his painting. the examples keep coming up. it could be a difference in ideology, religious views, and sometimes people are just crazy. there's no rhyme or reason to what they do what they do. again, it is not the first time we have seen this and probably not the last, unfortunately. >> i know it is like sitting here going, there's a tornado over my shoulder and you pan over and don't see it. but there are some restrictions. we apologize. go to to see it. the countdown is on. commercial space travel just a couple hours from becoming reality. we are going to go live ahead to the space x launch at the international space station. ♪
3:42 pm
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the first launch to the
3:45 pm
international space station will take place. john zarella is now joining us from miami. are we now counting on private industry to do what nasa used to do? >> and a large part we certainly are. we certainly are resupplying the international space station and ultimately sending astronauts to the space station. shuttles gone, commercial companies are the real deal now. and this is a big deal tonight if the weather holds up at the kennedy space center. a little bit iffy with clouds and rain showers expected to be in the area for the launch, but right now the space x falcon rocket is sitting on pad 40 at cape canaveral. the dragon spacecraft on top of it at 8:30 p.m. eastern time if all goes well. on its way to a rendezvous with the space station. a lot of people are saying, well, what's the big deal? they did this back in may. yes, they did. space x became the first commercial company to rendezvous
3:46 pm
bert and return to earth. but this is the real deal, 1,000 pounds of cargo going up. now, at the kennedy space center during a news briefing just the other day, bob cabana, said this is just the beginning. they are looking forward to when the commercial companies will carry humans. >> from a commercial point of view, the commercial crew program here at kfc and partnership with the johnson space center has moved forward. we have three companies under agreement here with the capability contract. boeing, sierra nevada and space x with the falcon 9 dragon rider. we are moving forward to help enable commercial operations for crew to the international space station. >> so that's the next step in what is a promising future, at least right now. don, they are going to be carrying up the supplies, as i mentioned. they have a lot of food stuff
3:47 pm
and experiments. i know you know what this experiment is all about, but let me just read one of these. the role of microtube yal and gravity investments in plant investigation. >> i don't know. can you explain to us what that means? gradual continuing -- let's speak in layman's terms now. now that commercial companies are flying cargo, what is the status of nasa's manned space program? >> well, what you're going to see now is now that they are doing this and once they are able to by 2016, these commercial companies, to take astronauts to the space station, nasa is working on the new big rocket that will ultimately use the orion spacecraft to take astronauts, perhaps back to the moon, certainly to an asteroid and eventually on to mars. that's the grand design, but we
3:48 pm
won't see that rocket first tested until about 2016. >> john zarella joining us to explain the space time continuam. is baseball's new format doomed from the start? we'll talk about that and about drew brees and look at him to pass the passing record set more than 50 years ago. sports is next. wherever you go we go, too. catch on your computer or smart phone. head to it's free if you have cable subscription. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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junior hockey player got an unexpected surprise last night after scoring the second goal of the game. 18-year-old taylor cots jumped against the rink's edge and went straight through the glass. he wasn't hurt and his team went on to win 4-1. it was good he won and he wasn't hurt, of course. okay.
3:52 pm
heartbreak. sports fans don't have the replacement nfl refs to kick around anymore. in fact, they have a new target, major league baseball umpires. the wildcard playoff game on friday night between the atlanta braves, st. louis cardinals got wild late into the game. a disputed call. the infield fly rule end the braves' season and the career of legendary player chipper jones. look at that. people are not happy. fans went into a frenzy showering turner field with all kinds of debris. the game was delayed for about 20 minutes and when play resumed, it was under protest by the braves. my goodness. terrence moore, sports contributor for, columnist for joins us right out of the gate. what the heck happened and was this the wrong call? was this dead wrong? >> this was a brutal call. don, it's called the infield fly rule, not the outfield fly rule. if you saw what that umpire did, he made that call closer to the warning track than home plate.
3:53 pm
this is not good. >> so the mlb responded to a fan demand and added a second wild-card team from each league. but a one-game playoff, is it enough or does this show for at least a best of three format? >> the knee-jerk reaction, we should play more games, but you know what? if you play more games, then the world serieses is going to end about the game of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. you can't do that. why don't they cut off the regular season games? baseball owners losing revenue for the regular season, that's not going to happen. this is the best solution right now. a one-game elimination game. similar to march madness which is very good. >> i was traveling on friday to make it home in time to see the game but then i went to a restaurant, it was on, and the braves fans came in ordering shots like give me a shot. they were so depressed. >> wasn't worth throwing stuff
3:54 pm
in a war. >> that was over. they just wanted to drown their sorrows in alcohol. drew brees going for a passdown record tonight and sean payton will be there with the permission of commissioner roger goodell. last week he allowed greg williams to go to a rams game. is he softening or playing a pr game? >> let's start with this, when it comes to commissioners of professional sports leagues, they never do anything out of the kindness of their hearts, but let's give roger goodell is break on this one mere. you're talking about one of the three or four most legendary individual records in history of th national football league, drew brees is going for. plus due brees says these guys are very instrumental in his life to help that happen. there's no grassy knoll here. >> okay. real quickly, can we talk about the legendary tennessee women's basketball coach pat summitt. reports she was forced out because of early alzheimer's. she said no. >> she's telling the truth. during the press conference she said it was her decision.
3:55 pm
she says it's her decision now. in between we saw an affidavit but also in the affidavit she also said that she was mistaken. so she's fine. we're all good. >> we're all good. thank you. appreciate it. all right. the daughter of lead singer gene simmons is looking to break out on her own. plus, the future is now at a robot exhibit in china. this is america.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
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story will be next week? well, stay tuned. from the white house to wall street, our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we're going to begin tonight with the president's plan for the week. >> reporter: i'm dan lothian. president obama trying to bounce back from his debate performance hits the campaign trail this week making stops in california and the key battleground state of ohio. he's also expected to visit other swing states later in the week and continue preparing for his next presidential debate. >> reporter: i'm paul steinhauser at the political deck. foreign policy will be in the spotlight tomorrow when republican challenger mitt romney gives what's being billed as a major speech at the virginia military institute. but the highlight of the week will be the vice presidential debate. vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan face-off thursday in their only showdown in danville, kentucky. >> reporter: i'm poppy harlow in new york. wall street gears up for earnings season this week. lots of big companies reporting, including aluminum jind al gian
3:59 pm
and jpmorgan case. did earnings decline in the third quarter. also ahead this week, the latest inflation data and a look at consumer sentiment. we'll track all that and the week's business news on cnn money. >> reporter: i'm "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer. here is what we're watching. we're speaking with sophie tweed simmons, the daughter of the kiss front man gene simmons and model shannon tweed, but now she's making a name for herself as a standout on "the k367"x" factor." and in china the first ever giant robot exhibit is going on. besides talking to visitors, some of the robots play soccer. look how cool that is. and they also play ping-pong. others can sing, dance, and even get this, do traditional chinese shadowboxing. sounds like old rock